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August 16th, 2019

Warning letter from 18 doctors and scientists

Experts from around the world, doctors and scientists alike, have written a letter to the governor of California in an attempt to change the senate bill for the 5G tower placement (SB 649). As stated in the letter, the new law will deny citizens and local governments right to decide where the new 50.000 cell towers will be placed. With this many towers, placed on utility poles, our homes, schools and places of worship, there will be no escape from the produced radiation. Moreover, SB 649 fails to mandate the monitoring of radiation levels alongside the closing of the FCC regional monitoring offices.

Despite the huge opposition from around 300 cities and many organizations, SB 649 has been passed by the Senate Assembly. There is a substantial body of evidence that 5G technology can harm human body and the environment. It is already known that 5G microwave radiation heats the eyes, skin and testes. The placement of these towers all around towns will expose us to the 24 hours of radiation on a daily basis. The scientists are mostly concerned about the vulnerable groups, children, unborn, elderly or disabled persons. The exception from the bill will be firefighters since their building were targets for earlier cell towers. It has also been proven that firefighters are suffering from cognitive impairment after being under the prolonged influence of cell towers (the FCC has stated that radiation levels were 1/1000th of the allowed limit).

They also pointed out that National Toxicology Program did a $25.000.000 study which proved that RF radiations can increase chances of getting 2 types of cancer. It was also found that RF can cause DNA breaks, confirming multiple studies which were done since the early 90’s. Last but not least, the World Health Organization has classified RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

The scientists have ended their letter warning that, while we always had the option to turn off our WiFi during at night (or not use it at all), with this new technology we are powerless. Our homes, also considered are our sanctuaries by many cultures, will no longer be that as all local control will be forfeited.

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